My cousin gave birth to her little girl tonight around two in the morning, and I’m so happy! I have sixteen younger boy cousins, so it’s nice to have a first little girl cousin!!

I am too gay for this.
—Me every time straight people talk about sex (via rosestylerr)

"I really love movies where there isn’t dialogue every five seconds. Film to me is such a visual medium and I love watching movies where you do sometimes just sit there and look at the scenery, ‘cause I don’t think we do that much anymore. To me it’s a quiet movie and I think that’s a good thing… Those are the kind of movies I like."

so i guess i’m back to being alone again??????? well it was nice while it lasted 

"I don’t think Lana ever gave up. Ever. She still hasn’t, even in the finale…I think I really learned things from Lana. She’ll be in my heart forever. I never really cried at the end of a job from knowing how much I was going to miss the character I was playing. It was like she died. That was it. It’s over." | Sarah Paulson 

Underrated/Underappreciated showsHarper’s Island (2009)

Why you should watch it:

↪ Harper’s Island is an addictive 13-episode mini-series unlike any show you have ever experienced. A group of family and friends have gathered to celebrate a wedding, and soon find out that there is a killer among them. At least one character is killed off each episode, narrowing down the possible suspects and leaving the remaining wedding guests in a fight for survival. It is a very well-done murder mystery and it will keep you guessing until the very end.

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i saw a woman today who looked exactly like that titty malaysia woman from orphan black

wow glee u rly missed out on the chance to have the CUTEST wemma scenes in the entire world u could have took that storyline and ran with it but no u a hoe. imagine pregnant emma??? imagine her panicking as her waters break and will isn’t there??? imagine holding her little boy for the first time and will being all teary eyed??? fuck u glee